Bobcat Compact Wheel Loaders standing on a field

3D Renders for Bobcat
(+ an entirely new approach to product photos)

We support the global compact equipment giant at its EMEA HQ in the Czech Republic, covering content creation, web maintenance, internal tool development, social channels and performance campaigns. So it came as no surprise to them when we ran the numbers, built the team, and proposed moving entirely to 3D.

Project lead: Jan Kaše
Creative Director: Dirk Wright
3D lead: Sebastian Tauchen

Digital Strategy

The challenge

Content creation is expensive and made all the more difficult when complex international photoshoots become obsolete with the next product update. An inflexible process which just can't hold its weight for one of the fastest innovating companies in its field.

Website for Earthsight showing homepage with article about Indonesia's biggest palm oil project

Our solution

In cooperation with Bobcat, we set up an entirely new content creation flow centred around 3D machine renders. Together we are now handling the entire creative process – from raw 3D data, to post production, design and messaging.

Bobcat Cabin model
No photoshoots, no logistics. Any perspective, any angle — photorealism to the smallest detail.

The result

Immense flexibility, substantial budget savings, and unlimited creative options for all future campaigns both online and offline. In particular, we are exploring the ways 3D content can be used in training, AR video, and applications.

German financing visuals, just one example of our 3D work ‘in the field.
Interior in Bobcat cabin.
It's not only advertising — our work is leading the way in the future of training and servicing.

From family businesses to Fortune 500’s — we’re here to help, wherever you are.

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