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RVLT Digital started as a like-minded group of people in a traditional advertising and marketing agency. We took a gamble on where the market was going and dedicated ourselves 100% to online marketing and digital transformation.

Whether it's our in-depth knowledge of existing tools and processes, or our ability to create custom solutions from scratch, RVLT Digital has been providing the answers (big and small) since 2018.

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We work with people and companies big and small

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Jan Kaše smiling in dark blue T-shirt
Jan Kaše
Managing Director

From tech enthusiast and geek to founding and successfuly leading a digital agency. Jan is leading digital transformation processes for RVLT Digital's clients, overseeing the development and long-term planning for RVLT Digital. Linkedin

Jan Korecký in a brown turtleneck
Jan Korecký
Senior Project Manager

With an in-depth understanding of our projects and technologies, Jan is the acting digital project lead, coordinating all RVLT's in-house coding, web design, and testing. With a level-headed approach and eye for detail, he keeps the team ticking and pushing in the same direction.

Dirk Wright in yellow jacket
Dirk Wright
Creative Director

Dirk is the creative lead of the group, making sure all UX, coding, and design outputs align with broader business & communication needs. His experience reaches from Vancouver to London and Prague, working for everything from galleries and smaller arts organisations, to some of the world's largest brands. Linkedin

Joseph Havlík in a dark blue jacket
Josef Havlík
Senior Consultant

With experience from public relations, NGOs, advertising, social media and consulting, Josef is making sure that clients get the best possible solutions to their needs. Thanks to a strong feel for language, he puts the finishing touches on all agency output in creative copywriting.

Our team

Alena Peštová in yellow T-shirt smilling
Alena Peštová
Coder / Project manager
Čeněk Kaše smiling in bright red T-shirt
Čeněk Kaše
Klára Hervertová in green T-shirt smilling
Klára Hervertová
Account Manager
Michal Šindelář in light blue T-shirt smiling.
Michal Šindelář
Frontend Developer
Klára Hervertová in green T-shirt smilling
Petr Bryx
Backend Developer
Gabriela Stebelová in white turtleneck
Petr Kavalír
Kristína Málková smiling in a bright red turtleneck
Kristína Vesy
Account Manager
Daniel Šaloun in dark red pullower
Daniel Šaloun
Dalibor Musil in red T-shirt
Dála Musil
UX Designer
Kristýna Bártová with round glasses, green suspenders and a cheeky smile
Kristina Bártová
Vladimír Sokirka in dark blue T-shirt
Vladimír Sokirka
Jan Pouska happily holding small fluffy dog
Jan Pouska
Coder / Web Admin
František Korecký in grey T-shirt
František Korecký
Project Manager
Gabriela Stebelová in white turtleneck
Martin Vykydal
Web Admin
Gabriela Stebelová in white turtleneck
Gabriela Stebelová
Project Manager
Gabriela Stebelová in white turtleneck
Lucie Jandová
Gabriela Stebelová in white turtleneck
Barbora Žádná
Account Executive
Gabriela Stebelová in white turtleneck
Sebastian Tauchen
3D Lead
Gabriela Stebelová in white turtleneck
Kristýna Václavíková
Office Manager
Gabriela Stebelová in white turtleneck
Ed Sawyer
Gabriela Stebelová in white turtleneck
Filip Žíla
Project Manager
Gabriela Stebelová in white turtleneck
Valentina Hrabáková
Web Admin