Earthsight — A singular voice defending the world’s forests

Web Design, Brand Strategy, Digital Strategy

Our London-based client, Earthsight, is an NGO aggressively exposing illegal deforestation world-wide. With a focus on first-hand, on-the-ground documentation of crimes against both people and the planet, Earthsight exposes the corruption and complacency of businesses, financiers and consumers.

Experience Earthsight —

Bringing five world-saving initiatives together under one roof

Prior to our involvement Earthsight existed as multiple related, albeit disconnected projects: Earthsight, Timberleaks, the Illegal Deforestation Monitor, the Timber Investigation Centre, and a handful of other off-site investigations. These initiatives were fighting not only against illegal deforestation, but also against each other for public attention.

In close consultation with Earthsight, the team was able to restructure the digital platform into a single website, better serving the interests of all involved. Through the online merger, Earthsight's brand and communication was emboldened, moving it from a fairly inconspicuous presence to an authority on anti-deforestation projects on a truly global scale.

Support for additional content types, including interactive feature investigations

RVLT Digital is also a contributor of accompanying artwork – Shown, ‘Untamed Timber’ by Dirk Wright

Our solution

We refreshed the visual identity and built a mobile-friendly, future-proof website from the ground up. From concept and design, to coding and programming, we successfully brought all digital channels in-line with a strong singular voice.


The new website immediately recorded massive increases in web traffic, lorem ipsum del longer text block.


A significantly reduced bounce rate means returning visitors are spending more & more time on the website.


Ground-up improvements have strengthened the impact and reach of some huge recent stories, such as investigations into Ikea’s suspect timber suppliers, and the illegal plundering of Russia's Taiga forests.

Improved UX

Better user experience has not only resulted in a more pleasant user journey but also significantly better SEO.

The team at RVLT Digital have been very helpful supporting our digital needs. They go above and beyond.

Earthsight Digital Manager

  • Project lead: Jan Kaše
  • Design lead: Dirk Wright
  • Account manager: Andrej Rožnov
  • Build: Mirek Beneš

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