Helping students & teens secure the support they deserve, with Alimentos

Corporate Identity, Web Design, Brand Strategy

We were brought on-board at the initial, conceptual stage of the project, to build a new legal service aimed at helping young adults receive the parental support they deserve. RVLT created a fresh identity and trained a gif-using chatbot to help reach this at-risk audience.

Meet Klára!

She isn’t receiving support from one of her parents, and it’s making her studies impossible.

So she reaches out to Alimentos for legal aid, where a chat bot (available 24/7) guides her through the first steps, telling her exactly what she needs to do.

Klára takes photos of all the necessary documents and sends them to the chat bot. The process is fast
+ easy, saving everyone time & money.

When everything’s in order, Klára’s work is done. Alimentos lawyers step in and no fees are deducted until Klára gets the support she is owed <3

Fresh, fully responsive and mobile-first design.

Our solution

RVLT Digital was involved in the very creation of the business, from market analysis and naming of the service, to branding, web design and build, including the training of a chat bot to assist teens in the early stages of their journey.

The corporate identity and user experience was the end result of extensive research into the target audience (young adults & students), and uses an attractive design language catering directly to this demographic.

An energetic identity suited to its teenage demographic, including a gif-using chatbot.

It can be tough being a teenager, but getting an education should be enjoyable – and having the support they need can make all the difference.

The result

A successful launch of the service with very positive feedback from new and potential customers, plus a surge of interest through searches and organic traffic. Analytics and a data-driven approach continue to help shape and sharpen the overall strategy, messaging, and design approach.

An important service

“Knotted cables, cats, phones, gifs, wine... just a few of the artistic details we used to speak directly with the target audience.”

Lucie Kouhtníková, RVLT Designer & Illustrator

  • Project Lead: Jan Kaše
  • Creative Director: Dirk Wright
  • Strategy & Copywriting: Josef Havlík
  • Graphic Design & Illustration: Lucie Koutníková
  • Build: Mirek Beneš
  • Coding: Michal Šindelař & Petr Bryx
  • Community Management: Fanda Čech

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Helping students & teens secure the support they deserve, with Alimentos