HR Business Partner – consultant or part-time

We are looking for an experienced HR Business Partner to take care of our team recruitment, development & training strategy.

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Your colleagues

Alena Peštová in yellow T-shirt smilling
Alena Peštová
Coder / Project manager
Čeněk Kaše smiling in bright red T-shirt
Čeněk Kaše
Klára Hervertová in green T-shirt smilling
Klára Hervertová
Account Manager
Michal Šindelář in light blue T-shirt smiling.
Michal Šindelář
Frontend Developer
Klára Hervertová in green T-shirt smilling
Petr Bryx
Backend Developer
Kristína Málková smiling in a bright red turtleneck
Kristína Vesy
Account Manager
Daniel Šaloun in dark red pullower
Daniel Šaloun
Dalibor Musil in red T-shirt
Dála Musil
UX Designer
Kristýna Bártová with round glasses, green suspenders and a cheeky smile
Kristina Bártová
Vladimír Sokirka in dark blue T-shirt
Vladimír Sokirka
Jan Pouska happily holding small fluffy dog
Jan Pouska
Coder / Web Admin
František Korecký in grey T-shirt
František Korecký
Project Manager
Andrej Rožnov in blue T-shirt smilling
Andrej Rožnov
Account Manager
Gabriela Stebelová in white turtleneck
Gabriela Stebelová
Project Manager